ASM Wholesale

Unlock the Formula for Business Success: Triple Your Gross with Quality Pieces!
I started my Business in October 2023 and Grossed six- figures in the 3 months. We are Now a year and a half in business and have tripled the Gross of the Company and sold over 4.2k items and counting. With this same Formula, I will help your Business do the same. I've created great relationships with my Vendors to get low prices on Quality Pieces for you to make large margins and gain a consistent audience who loves quality Items. By utilizing the same successful formula that has tripled our gross revenue in just a year and a half, we are confident we can help your Business achieve similar results. We have cultivated strong relationships with vendors to provide you with quality pieces at affordable prices, helping you maximize profits and build a loyal customer base.
Do you need Inventory for your business? You set your own budget and 15% goes to ASM luxuries for sourcing, getting ASM prices, COA and Free Shipping.
Expert Consultations Available for $175/hr - Deducted From Commission.



  • What qualifies me to get wholesale? An Official Business with Resellers License.
  • How does ASM get paid? 15% Commission from the Inventory Budget. 
  • What If I want specific Brands? You will fill out this form and It will ask you what Brands you want and what Brands you want to stay away from. 
  • How long does it take to get my product shipped? Depending on the budget and Volume. The Minimum is 2.5 weeks understand a 10k budget.
  • Does the Items come with a COA? Yes all high priced ticket Items will come with a COA from Entrupy.
  • How do you keep My Inventory Organized? I will have a spreadsheet outline with your Information and the Item Name, Price, Condition Details of each item and Notes about that item I will share with you.
  • Can you do High Value Budgets like $250,000? Yes, all budgets are welcome and can be discussed in more details during the consultation.
  • What form of Payment is considered? Zelle or Wire Payment of Full amount.
  • Can I contact you for updated during the sourcing? Yes, you will get Direct number to me.
  • Do You pay for customs? If the Item is grater the $799, YES. 
  • Do the items come with its Brand Packaging? Some Items may come with it and some may not. Packaging is available for purchase.
If you have any additional questions please email