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Contact us with the Items you would like to Wholesale and Business Information. 

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Our goal is to Welcome Entrepreneurship, Store Owners and Buyers to our Exclusive Wholesale Program. It's our mission to help our Clients have exclusive online pieces. Purchase a Dozen tops and get triple your money back! Contact Us for more information. 

 Testimonials From Wholesalers and Sales Reps

"Hi MADE, I wanted to tell you thank you for giving me the Opportunity with become a Sales Rep for MADE. It has helped me learn how to sale and create my own income." -Stephen M.

"Thank you for great communication, MADE has helped me flip my Investment. Also, thank you for mentoring me as a new Business Owner." -Samantha

"Quality it Great! better than the other Vendors Im using. No many Items to choose from but every time I check the Website, more items go up each week! thats awesome" - Citie.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you have any account setup fees? No.
2. Do you have any monthly subscription fees ? No.
3. After becoming a wholesaler/drop shipping with you, how long do we have to wait to before starting to sell? Same Day
4. Do you have handling or packaging fees? You will Submit an Invoice including shipping.
6. Maximum how long would we have to wait for a reply when emailing your customer support ? Same business day.
7. How much do we need to spend to get a discount on each item ? 1/2 Dozen and Up
8. What is your minimum and maximum quantity order? 1/2 Dozen and 4 Dozen
9. Return, Exchange and Shipping policies at MADE.
10. Who pays shipping for replacement deliveries ? Customer if they picked wrong size or have damaged goods. The customer returns item to store and then we return it to MADE. Finally, We will ship post replaced item to your customer
11. Who pays shipping for returns where no replacements would be made, us or you ?
12.  General public, Can you advertise on Trade Shows ? YES.
13.  How often do you update your stock levels on your website ? Weekly and Monthly 
14. When your short on stock and we make you an order, maximum how long would we have to wait for you to restock and dispatch it to our customers? You will be notified when stock is low.
15. Are you willing to include receipts when shipping the items with our brand names and addresses on the receipts ? Yes, we will customize your invoice. 
If so, is there any extra charge for this? None.
16. When a customer complains against an order because the item didn't arrive or was found broken after opening the packaging, maximum how long does it take you to investigate and solve the problem? 24-48 Hours.
17. Do you provide tracking numbers for your delivery/shipment? YES.
18. Can we sell on Ebay? Amazon? Esty? Facebook? Yes. 
19.Do you ship the items in packaging that plasters your business name all over them? No. not for Drop shipping.
20. Do you offer any incentive to sell more? MADE will announce your location on the website as retail stores to shop at.