About Owner and MADE


Welcome to By MADE.  

My name is Aisha Simone.  I have 6 years of experience working in Marketing and Branding. In Dallas, I was a field manager for Footprints, activations, and tours for Celebrities like Nick Jonahs, Kayne West, Taylor Swift, and Guy Fieri just to name a few. Working hands-on at Business Conventions with Brands such as Google, Budweiser, Facebook, Samsung, and Cricket Wireless really taught me how to run and operate a Big Business. 

Let's rewind, since I was a teenager I always worked and It took consistency to get in those positions in Dallas. Today, I am the owner and creator of The MADE Mall and ASM and Luxuries. I’ve always loved fashion at a very young age growing up in New York City, I modeled for over 8 years. I started as a fit model and worked my way up to more opportunities. When doing that I learned a lot about production, shooting, organizing campaigns, fashion shows, materials, price points, and different styles of fashion. I never focused too much on the labels then because honestly, I couldn’t afford them. I was the girl that window shopped, walking and dreaming on 5th Avenue while peeking into the Luxury Stores wishing one day I could afford it.  It was always my dream to run a successful business. I always wanted to own some kind of business that was related to fashion. 

One year ago I decided to create this bubble around me that allowed me to focus on my future differently.  I stepped away from social media for one year while educating myself. I joined Groups, Webinars, Classes, Local Events, and Mentorships and read many Books. That was my focus, I made sure that I accomplished positive habits. Which were, living an uplighting life, understanding the power of focus, working with and in passion, and living with purpose. I secretly re-launched my business by MADE LLC. 

The word MADE defines You, that girl or guy that's MADE for anything, MADE and ready, MADE to concur, MADE for whatever you put your mind to. It's a feeling I have and a feeling I want you to have and know you are MADE.  I opened up a department, ASM Luxuries back in October 2022 outside of social media. I fully invested in myself and went for it.

WE ARE NOW in our second year of business, We are Entrupy Verified Company. Sold one 3.4 thousand items and going. MADE is a trusted business this is here to sever you your dream items and services. 

Not only do I love what I do but it has created a new definition of life for me. Being that girl who window-shopped. I take my business on as a passion business. Finding affordable and quality Ranks S/A condition for her or him to shop for with confidence. 

 Thank you for your Love & Support. Happy Shopping!

- Aisha Simone.